Why flash is not dead

flashI keep reading “Flash is dead” or “Flash is no use anymore”. Do they actually know what they’re talking about? Are they Flash experts, have they worked with real clients? I don’t think they do, are or have. How to bury the most innovative technology, which has inspired the current developments and uses of javascript, although it is currently the only way to offer a true rich web user experience.

Last time I heard of a Flash Killer, it was for Silverlight, a technology with a penetration rate that still remains below 60% several years after its release… Forget Silverlight then…. Forget…Html5. With a penetration rate below 20%, it might take years before it becomes equivalent to Flash’s, which is near 100% (Mobiles apart).  Let’s also keep in mind that the future release of IE9 supporting Html5 (correct support?) will not be available for users running Windows XP. Disappointing.

Picture Html5 full support in a few years. Let’s now picture Flash Player X, implemented with Adobe’s innovations, video, sound, 3D, performance, and anything that you can’t possibly imagine. Here you have the basic advantage of a plugin, a technology not depending on browsers and their updates, not depending on the current web actors’ inertia.

The non-support of Flash by Apple is a blow, but keep in mind that iPhone’s market share is declining. IPad is a great device, but unlike the iPhone (which has long walked solo on the market), it will soon face a fierce competition from manufacturers (HP Slate, Toshiba, Dell…) developing tablets offering full-flash support.

More & more  mobile devices will come with Android built on, and Google supports Adobe. The Open Screen Project should allow Flash to be available on other OS.

It’s true that Flash is still not fully supported on Mobiles, but as things stand today, mobile web is not THE Web.

So I would appreciate people keeping in mind the reality of Web Development with real clients/users. Html5 will be a great evolution of html, but it’s still in development and far to be ready.

Fyi, I’m a Flash Developer and I’m booked up for months. 😉

Thx @Nounie.

7 thoughts on “Why flash is not dead

  1. Yes,
    Many windows users still working by IE6, IE7!!!! and I believe in next few years, HTML5 could find itself place in internet
    on the other hand Javascript has no ability like ActionScript and I think comparison between Flash & HTML(JS, CSS) is wrong!

  2. HTML5 is at the point Flash was 5 years ago.
    And I totally agree with your first paragraph. People who claim flash is dead, are those who support HTML5 and have no knowledge or even experience with flash and actionscript3.
    Javascript is equally to actionscript1 (or maybe 2), but javascript (at this point) is not even a quart of what actionscript is.

    So no worries flash developers. Let the HTML5 posse have their videoplayers and imagescrollers, we (as flash developers) passed that stage almost 6 years ago.

  3. I agree Flash is not dead, and HTML5 is a good technologie too
    For example I love the canvas tag but as an AS3 developper using javascript is a toture…

    check :
    it’s html5, it’s slow on my phone, processor intensive on my desktop, it’s a fail …

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